Holy Dorgbetor wins IBF Continental title

Wednesday,June 19th, 2024

Holy Dorgbetor wins IBF Continental title

Holy Dorgbetor delivered a rock-solid performance to clinch the IBF Continental Africa Super Featherweight championship on Saturday at the Bukom Boxing Arena in Accra.

On a bill assembled by four promotional outfits—Box Office, ACE Power, Twinstars, and Aborigines Boxing Promotions—the Mepe-born fighter outclassed and overpowered Tanzanian slugger Hamadi Furahisha.

The event, dubbed "Fists of Carnage," drew a mammoth crowd to the venue.

Furahisha arrived in Accra from Dar-es-Salaam during fight week, vowing to defeat Dorgbetor. He predicted an upset and boldly declared that he would take the title back to Tanzania.

However, the proceedings in the ring told a different story.

Holy Dorgbetor, who appeared focused right from the dressing room, left no doubts about his intentions from the bell, launching a vicious double-fisted attack on his opponent. He landed hard jabs and hooks, which evidently instilled fear in Furahisha, whose initial boldness began to wane.

The pattern was consistent in the subsequent rounds; Furahisha tried to fight back—he was resilient, not ready to capitulate.

But the undefeated former Ghana National featherweight champion exhibited a level of ferocity in his artistry that was both delightful and intimidating.

By round seven, Furahisha had had enough and had no choice but to succumb to the heavy onslaught of debilitating barrages.

With this victory, Holy Dorgbetor is the newly crowned IBF Continental Africa Featherweight champion. His record improves to 11-0-1 with 7 knockouts.

Dr. Adae Opoku Amoako of ACE Power Boxing Management And Promotions, handlers of the new champion, hinted that they would be working on getting him on bills outside Africa. "Now that he's successfully conquered Ghana and Africa, we need to look for higher laurels and tougher challenges; possibly in the States or Europe," he stated. "He should be ranked soon on the IBF continental ratings and challenge some of those there, and if Holy delivers, we'll work on getting him on the world rankings. At this point, no favors; it's all about showing us what you've got," he concluded.

Holy Dorgbetor, also known as "Jaw Breaker," is ranked #156 on Boxrec; this win should propel him into the top 100 on Boxrec.

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